Habitation is a nomadic site-specific project created by artist Hui-Ying Tsai. The project explores the concept of home and the modern utopia for human and animals by building a nesting structure in different locations with local materials. The design of each piece involves field study and reflects on the history, environment, and community of the site. Each piece functions as a social hub or habitat for people and animals. The work becomes a monument of the home building process. By collaborating with each community to make art, Project Habitation enhances awareness of the natural and cultural landscapes that responds to the presence of the place.
  • 2018.3.4-3.9 Project Habitation will take part in Flux City VI, a four week cycle of city creation and destruction and rebirth and cataclysm and phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes and Godzilla-traipsing-in-from-the-sea-in-a-breath-of-fire-and-chaos. Project Habitation will present "City with a Diamond Heart" at Flux Factory, New York, USA. "City with a Diamond Heart" will be the third in the line up, following Blanket Fort City by Sarah Dahlinger and Cayla Lockwood and The Central Nervous City by Cait Davis.
  • 2018.3.4-3.9 棲地計畫將參與Flux Factory的年度企劃Flux City VI。Flux City分為四個循環的城市創造與拆解、重生與毀滅,藝廊的空間即將經歷來自海底哥奇拉式的猛爆蹂躪,再如浴火鳳凰般從灰燼中淬煉而生。棲地計畫將接受第三棒城市重建過程,帶給大家『金剛心之城』。
  • 2018 Project Habitation is awarded the Antenna: Spillways Residency Fellowship.Spillways surround the city of New Orleans providing important control of flooding from the Mississippi. The Spillways residency provides the meaningful dispersion of outside thought and practices into the city through the development of creative feats. More details to be announced.
  • 2018 棲地計畫榮獲Antenna:Spillways駐村獎助,Spillways(洩洪道),是紐奧良市控制密西西比河水患的設計。而這個駐村計畫是藉由藝術創作為紐奧良的發展帶入外界的想法與實踐計畫。駐村期間將針對有興趣的方向做研究、在充分了解後提出計畫構想,與當地機構討論,並有機會在2019年執行。
  • From May 11th to 21st 2017, Habitation is pleased to co-host the first 2-weeks event, Fulong Beach Cleaning Art Project, at Fulong Beach in Taiwan with Being Fulong Surfing School and Fulong Elementary School. A serie of workshops will be hosted to the public on May 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st. More details will be announced here and on the facebook page.
  • 2017.5.11-5.21 棲地計劃很榮幸與福隆地球人衝浪學校與福隆國小共同舉辦第一屆『福隆淨灘裝置藝術節』,活動預計自5/11起為期兩週,5/21完成裝置,最新詳細日期與活動細節將於本站以及臉書公布。
  • 2017 July 3rd. - 28th. Habitation is awarded a residency fellowship at The Millay Colony for the Arts in Austerlitz, NY, USA.
  • 2017.7.3 - 2017.7.28 棲地計劃榮獲紐約州The Millay Colony for the Arts駐村獎助,將於駐村期間進一步組織計劃新活動、實驗新媒材與架構。