Location 地點 Media 媒材 Year 年代 Dimensions 尺寸
Flux Factory, New York紐約 Recycled material from the previous installation 前檔裝置作品廢材 2018 10'x10'x10"305CMx305CMx305CM

Photographers Walter Wlodarczyk, Hui-Ying Tsai

照片攝影師 Walter Wlodarczyk, 蔡慧盈

No.6 City with a Diamond HeartNo.6 金剛心之城

Scientists and philosophers have been trying to understand the essence of life, questioning our existence, and intent to draw a picture of the universe from different approaches.

I am asking the same question through art practice.

My inspiration comes from literature, symbolism, and nature in everyday life. My building process is my personal meditation and the visualization of The Diamond Sutra. I realize that enlightenment and contentment come from experiences, action, and living in the moment toward righteous path, which is essentially what the Diamond Sutra’s teach. The title relies on the power of the diamond to cut things as a metaphor for the type of wisdom that cuts and shatters illusions to get to ultimate reality.

The Diamond Sūtra is a Buddhist sūtra emphasizes the practice of non-abiding and non-attachment. Art is my religion and the City with A Diamond Heart is the temple for the instant. Diamond Sutra guides people to conduct themselves in form and metaphor, but not dwell in such and to transcend it.

The City with A Diamond Heart is a marriage of my self-exploratory and social-engagement work. It births from my recent personal experience that my dwelling was lost in a fire spread from the neighbor’s house. The catastrophic event led to the realization of life is in the state of impermanence, which the Buddist doctrine asserts that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is "transient, evanescent, inconstant”.

The City with A Diamond Heart is my solo installation as the third city in Flux City 6 curated by Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger. It is a four-week and four-city cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth. I construct from the ruins of the previous cities on-site and create a shelter around my body. To chew, to spit, to tear, to build like an animal. Sticking to Project Habitation’s principle “create with no trace” all material used for the installation is recycled from the previous 2 cities and donation from MFTA. Viewers can enter the center of the city to experience the physical presence of oneself in the space and interact with the sculpture. The interactive sound device is designed by Patricio Jijón. The soundscape is triggered by the body and will have different effects with more people entering the realm and connected to each other.

The city is built in 6 days on-site, on view on the seventh day, and destroyed by night. The destruction is a series of experimental sound performances by 7 independent artists curated by Patricio Jijón. The night opens with the wearable neon interactive piece”Impermanence” that triggered by the pulse by Sheri Shih Hui Chang. The piece was completely ruined by performance group Shadow Traffic’s violent alien invasion before midnight.

金鋼心之城是棲地計劃的第六號作品,在和Flux City 6的策展人Seth Timothy Larson與Abigail Entsminger的促成下,完成這件呈現城市衰亡輪替發展的短暫互動裝置。Flux City 6的整體結構是在一個月內接力四組城市的興衰, 金剛心之城排在第三棒, 為一個傳遞東方佛學哲思、抽象、精神性的裝置。觀者可以進入球體中央藉由磁場音控裝置感受肉身與空間的當下關係。

金鋼心之城就地使用前兩個城市毀滅後的廢材在展場中央現地置作。這件結合個人內省與社群互動的裝置,靈感源於閱讀金鋼經的思考,以及個人近期遭逢火災變故,有感生命無常萬變,需要擁有金剛不破之心:不執著、能捨能斷的覺悟。生命就像宇宙萬物生滅,沒有靜止的一刻, 所有存在的條件都是因緣聚合,瞬息萬變,非恆常長久的狀態,於是每一個當下反覆定義著存在的目的。如金剛經的四偈句:一切有為法 ,如夢幻泡影,如露亦如電,應作如是觀。以無住破我執來應對世間一切無常:生、死,得、失,愛、恨,悲、喜,在開始和結束間不斷交遞。

為期六天的瘋狂建設在第七天白天供人短暫體驗後就地化為廢墟。階段性的毀滅從張式慧的互動霓虹裝置"無常"啟動揭開序幕,由Patricio Jijon策劃七位獨立聲音表演者串聯一系列實驗音樂,循環在空間、宇宙、沙漠、石、水、火..等自然原素中, 過渡到電子、躁音樂、最後以拉丁噪音重金屬將表演帶入高潮。大毀滅結束於表演團體Shadow Traffic帶領的外星暴力生殖入侵,將一切搗毀..隔日,進入第四週的新循環。