Habitation is a nomadic site-specific project created by artist Hui-Ying Tsai. The project explores the concept of home and the modern utopia for human and animals in different locations with local materials. The design of each piece involves field study and reflects on the history, environment, and community of the site. The project functions as a social hub or habitat for people and animals. By collaborating with each community, Project Habitation enhances awareness of the natural and cultural landscapes that responds to the presence of the place.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Habitation will postpone all events and focus on future programming. Please contact me for any interest! Stay safe and creative :)
  • 受到全球肺炎疫情影響,棲地計畫暫停所有活動,專注於未來的計劃與發展,若您有興趣進一步了解或合作,歡迎來信!祝健康平安,創意無限 :)