Location 地點 Media 媒材 Year 年代 Dimensions 尺寸
Taipei City, Taiwan 台北花博爭艷館,台灣 Bamboo, cotton, hemp, wool, wood, light bulb 竹、棉繩、麻繩、毛繩、木板、燈泡 2016 94x33x33 立方英寸

Video footage shoot by Hui-Ying Tsai
Video edited by Hui-Ying Tsai
Photographer Corina Hsu

影片攝影師 蔡慧盈
剪接師 蔡慧盈
照片攝影師 許琇珍

No.2 棲居

棲居 means Home in Chinese, is custom created for the site using the most common environmen-tal-friendly materials collected within 2km diameter from the exhi-bition site in Taipei City. The piece was created on-site 8 hours a day for 7 days.

Referencing the architecture of the site, which is an exhibition hall built in 2010 within an abandoned football stadium. The structure is design as an architecture within architecture. As the viewers can see, the cocoon is within the bamboo structure to created more depth and is reflecting on the history and transformation of the site.

The cocoon structure is borrowed from the silkworm as it is a shared memory of Taiwanese. Growing up in Taiwan, all kids were required to raise silkworm in science class in elementary school in order to observe the metamorphosis and life cycle of the insect. I found it is the most relatable self-built animal shelter for local people.